The floating roof carport for house supply and free driving.

The VOLTAPORT charges your e-car for free and contributes to the supply of your house. Thanks to the particularly powerful battery storage, this also happens at night when the sun is not shining! Thus, a very high degree of self-sufficiency of your house is achieved! The solar output of the VOLTAPORT replaces the solar system on the roof for both existing properties and new buildings. This gives the building the highest energy allowance.
VOLTAPORT is also available as a double for two cars, with twice the area and twice the power.
The patented construction is ingenious: The extra-heavy storage room carries the free-floating roof – without bothersome supports and without a foundation!
Supply of the house with hot water, heating and electricity
approx, 9.676 kWh/a
approx. 40.000 km/a

Product details

The performance

of the VOLTAPORT can be used to supply the house with hot water, heating and electricity or to charge the e-car and is sufficient for up to 40,000 km free driving a year.

The roof

of the VOLTAPORT consists entirely of solar modules that have an electrical output of approx. 5,000 Wp. It thus supplies approx. 6,000 kWh of electricity per year.

The big storage room

can be used for bicycles, garden tools and the like – example charge e-bikes for free.

The technique

is mounted inside on the rear wall of the storage room. The entire electrical system is secured with a protective group and electrically grounded with a grounding rod, so that the highest level of operational safety is guaranteed.

The design of the facade offers numerous individual options, so that the VOLTAPORT fits you and your house perfectly.

Technical specification


Base plate under the storage room: Hot-dip galvanized steel frame with load distribution plates, concrete slabs on rubber bearings, EPDM joint tape


Planed solid wood, pine, spruce. Supports 12 x 12 cm, cantilevers 8 x 24 cm


Plywood panels made of poplar wood, surface duroplastic coating


Galvanized metal door and clear lacquer finish, including handle set, lock and key, manufactured by Hörmann


V2A stainless steel


Width (outer roof dimensions)
Total length
Length of pitch
Total height
Entrance height
Size storage room
Weight without batteries
3,20 – 3,50 m
8,09 m
5,50 m
2,44 m
2,15 m
5,88 m²
ca. 1.330 kg
6,40 – 7,00 m
8,09 m
5,50 m
2,44 m
2,15 m
11,77 m²
ca. 2.520 kg

Electrical data

Number of solar modules
Installed power in Wp
MPPT technology
Battery type
Battery size
Ø solar electricity production
18 pcs.
2-string, 6.000 W
15 kWh or 21 kWh
approx. 9.700 kWh/a
€ 39.600,-
36 pcs.
2x 2-string, ea. 6.000 W
2x 15 kWh or 21 kWh
approx. 19.400 kWh/a
€ 74.000,-
Let us advise you now without obligation and bring the sun to your home!