The elegant terrace or pool roof for power supply of your house.

The VOLTA TERRACE contributes to the supply of your house, charges your car or heats your terrace. Thanks to the particularly powerful battery storage, this also happens at night when the sun is not shining! Thus, a very high degree of self-sufficiency of your house is achieved.
Set up quickly and stably, the system immediately supplies solar power for every need.
The solar output of the VOLTA TERRACE replaces the solar system on the roof for both existing properties and new buildings. This gives the building the highest energy allowance.

The construction is ingenious: Two heavy containers support the solar roof without any foundations or attachment to the house. Without disturbing supports and without a foundation.

Supply of the house with hot water, heating and electricity
approx. 7.526 kWh/a
up to 3.920 Wp

Product details

The performance

of the VOLTA TERRACE can be used to supply the house, to heat the terrace or to charge the electric car. Depending on its size, it produces up to around 7.500 kWh of electricity per year. That’s enough for far more than a normal household uses.

The roof

of the VOLTA TERRACE consists entirely of solar modules which, depending on their size, have an electrical output of up to 3.920 Wp.

The whole system

of the VOLTA TERRACE can be dismantled and is therefore quickly ready for resale or taking it with you should you change your place of residence.

The Electronic

and the battery are in your house. The solar modules are watertight and connected to the structure in a storm-proof manner. Everything is firmly and securely screwed together.

Two heavy containers made of hot-dip galvanized steel carry the patio cover – without additional fastening in the ground or on the house. The containers are optionally available as a bench or flower pot.

Technical specifications


Hot-dip galvanized steel, powder-coated in 3 colors of your choice with leveling feet, concrete slabs on rubber mounts to add weight and heavy wooden panel top cover


Wooden beams finished in white, bracket for module mounting in stainless steel


Solar modules with seals


Galvanized metal door with lock and key


Width (outer roof dimensions)
5,00 / 6,00 / 7,00 m
Depth approx.
3,40 m
Height to the side of the house
2,45 m
Height to the garden side
2,30 m
Covered area
17,00–23,80 m2
Total weight, approx.
900–1.000 kg

Electrical data

Chosen width
Number of solar modules
Installed power in Wp, approx.
MPPT technology
Battery type
Battery size
Electricity production per year*
5,00 m
10 pcs.
1-String, 4.000 W
Lithium iron phosphate battery
7,2 kWh
5.376 kWh
€ 19.900,-
6,00 m
12 pcs.
7,2 kWh
6.451 kWh
€ 21.400,-
7,00 m
14 pcs.
7,2 kWh
7.526 kWh
€ 23.200,-
*Example Mallorca: 300 days of sun with more than 8 hours
Let us advise you now without obligation and bring the sun to your home!